My little story.......  

Like many of us, I learned the notes as a child
and then I quit the music schools to join many different bands, from popular to jazz-rock as a keyboard, guitar or percussion player.
But it really is through computer music that I found what I was looking for and that's what I still enjoy today.

* 5 albums produced:

Emerald " a jazz-rock band with Daniel Benoît,
Tokiri " progressive rock with Michel Poroi,
The sound of toeres " album for the female singer Maruia,
The Stone Cutter " a story tale with Aad Van der Heyde,
The Wings of the Heart " New Age music instrumental album.

I did a bunch of short movie or documentary musics as well as jingles for television (M6 et FR3). Then ,in L.A., I worked in the post-production area, artists productions and advertising recordings, as well as special effects.

My tastes in music?..... Is that what you asked ? .....
Well, they are pretty different cause I like many kinds as long as the rythm is cool and the sound inspiring.
But, let'say..... Chopin, Salif Kéita, Coltrane, Ravi Shankar, Michel Petrucciani, Bjork, MC Hammer, Pink Floyd, Angélique Kidjo, Les Zeppelin , Shakti, Debussy, Errol Garner, Rostropovitch....
and so many, so many others I'd like to thank for all these inspiring musical moments.........

I always look forward hearing
other musicians or play together with them.....

My latest album, "The Wings of the Heart" is my baby.
I produced it myself and that's what I enjoy most doing.
Let's call it a New Age album and maybe a little more...
It is available here in short samples for you to listen.
You can also receive it through this site for a cool price of 12$ by simply sending your order by email.